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This Mobile Game Will Troll You

This Mobile Game Will Troll You

Feb 27, 2012

Denmark. Known for Vikings, frikadellers and Lego. Also trolls. Like Hugo. If you were a kid there during the 90′s, you probably were a fan of the popular childrens television program Hugo whose main protagonist was a troll. What was unique about this show was that it featured a video game that was played by the audience via a telephone. A player would call the show, then be prompted by a person to control a cartoon character on the TV screen in several scenarios by pressing the number keys on the phone. That’s right, interactive TV in 1990!

After several video games (the first being for PC and Amiga) Dutch developer Krea Medie A/S has put together Hugo Retro Mania for mobile devices, such as Android and iPad.

This is very much a game for fans of the character, as the game plays to the strengths that made previous games in the franchise such a hit in the 90′s. The old-school simple controls of the games you used to play in the computer lab at school make it easy to learn, and the global scoreboard give you a goal of trying to outscore yourself and everyone else.

There are a lot of children’s characters we don’t get (the Teletubbies still make no sense) and we have to add Hugo to that list; but the Scandinavians love trolls, and if you’re a troll lover, you would love Hugo.

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