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HotshotGG Thinks League of Legends “Similar To Sports Like Basketball”

HotshotGG Thinks League of Legends “Similar To Sports Like Basketball”

Jul 5, 2012

If you play League of Legends, you are probably plugged into the professional side of this competitive multiplayer battle arena game. One of the headliners of the professional circuit is George Georgallidis, the top man at CounterLogic Gaming, known in game as HotshotGG.

He recently sat down with Forbes to talk about LoL, the increasing audience of eSports, and much more. Here is an excerpt:

How did you get involved in League of Legends?

I was always a gamer. I played all types of games since childhood and discovered that I enjoyed games such as Warcraft 3, Halo, and Defense of the Ancients the most. When League of Legends was released, it only felt natural for me to transition into this new free-to-play MOBA.

For those who aren’t familiar with this game, how similar is this game’s five-player gameplay to a traditional sport like basketball?

This game is extremely similar to sports like basketball. Traditional sports teams have 5 players on the court with individualized roles such as point guard, center, and power forward which directly correlate to LoL roles such as jungle, support, and top. Because both sports and League of Legends are team games, we rely on team work, practice, and strategies.

What are your thoughts on the Finals filling a stadium at USC focusing on just League of Legends (compared to the typical festival-type atmospheres where multiple games share the spotlight)?

I think that the magnitude of the Season Two championships is simply a testament to the growth of League of Legends over the past few years since the inception of it’s competitive scene. A game that started out with exclusively online events and small time LAN tournaments is now being played in such grand stadiums, with so many live spectators it shows the brilliance of League of Legends advancement as an eSport. Needless to say, everyone is incredibly excited.

What do you think of his analysis of the game? We’re a Team Solomid household personally (let the TSM vs. CLG flames begin!), but HotShotGG seems very spirited in helping the game and eSports in general reach bigger audiences. If any of the audience metrics of the past tournaments prove anything, it’s that professional gaming is rising up the ranks to join any other moderately successful modern sport on TV.

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  1. They are basically the same game, luckily LoL matches are shorter and don’t require so many fouls in the last 2 minutes.

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