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Dianna Agron’s 3DS Commercial – What Is Nintendo Doing?

Dianna Agron’s 3DS Commercial – What Is Nintendo Doing?

Oct 2, 2012

For their newest 3DS ad campaign, the head marketing honchos at Nintendo decided to go for the younger crowd, and chose Glee‘s Dianna Agron for a spot touting the 3DS’s ability to use a stylus to accept human inputs.

What they also did was show the gaming community their unabashed growth into the mainstream market.

Twenty seconds or so into the spot, Ms. Agron tells us that she is “not a gamer” while using the handheld gaming device, because, while not a gamer, she is “an artist” for using Art Academy, an ‘edutainment’ piece of software according to Nintendo.

The gaming giant has always been on the casual side of gaming, especially when the Wii entered the market, but to actually come out and make a selling point featuring this tag line is pretty bold… and actually a genius move.

See, Nintendo doesn’t need to make any more inroads to a market it has already captured. Fanboys will already buy the next iteration of product, and the company is so ingrained into the gaming psyche that the only new markets to seek out are the markets of the potentially ‘unwashed non-gamer masses’.

It is not a typical video game commercial, but then they are not seeking that in this effort. Dianna represents the girl next door and the normalness that trope dictates, and presents a safe ideal that is atypical to most stereotypical portrayals of gamers. Will it work out for Nintendo? Probably. But even if it doesn’t, it won’t stop them from using celebrities to endorse their products any time soon.

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