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Logan Cunningham Talks DOTA 2 Bastion Announcer Pack

Logan Cunningham Talks DOTA 2 Bastion Announcer Pack

Dec 23, 2012

Like Superman showing up in an episode of Batman The Animated Series we get to witness another crossover of similarly epic proportions.

Valve recently released a Bastion Announcer pack in the Steam store for DOTA 2.

Players can now hear Rucks the announcer from Bastion in the game.

PopGamer previously brought you an exclusive interview with Logan Cunningham, the voice of Rucks, back in January.

This time, Logan took some time out of his busy holiday travel schedule to speak with us a bit and share what it was like putting together this incredible announcer pack.

“The Dota pack was a lot of good weird fun. I only played the game for the first time [Friday] (at the Supergiant office actually), so it was completely new to me. I’m not totally clear on how the whole thing came about, although in the past I’d been asked by players if there was a Rucks Announcer pack in Dota‘s future, so there seemed to be at least some interest.

“Additionally, Greg Kasavin and Amir Rao are the resident Dota players at Supergiant and Valve has been wonderful to work with since Bastion launched on Steam. There’s a little Portal Easter Egg in that version of the game, so they’ve allowed us to contribute aesthetically to their games before–there was precedent. This was also a special case of Supergiant breaking its rule about not bringing Rucks anywhere outside the Bastion universe, but Valve was totally supportive of Greg writing the lines himself.

“The process for me was basically just long. There’s over 700 lines total, which is nearly a third the size of Bastion‘s entire script. It took maybe half a dozen sessions over three weeks. I didn’t have a favorite line but the ones that were easily the most fun were all the character descriptions.

“I basically had no idea what any of them looked like and was experiencing all of it for the first time just like Rucks would, so everything had a sort of appropriate bewildered quality, which was nice. I’m just happy that the response has been so positive! It’s always great when I get to play Rucks again since I never know when I’ll get the chance.

“Huge thanks to Valve for allowing this little collaboration to happen and to all the Dota 2 players for their interest and support, it was a lot of fun!”

Logan’s signature voice recently appeared in an episode of the hit TV show Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 and he is currently voicing for a new film called Edna.

You can follow Logan on Twitter @GlancingOnHuman

You can check out the voice over here or in the video below.

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